Blog Awards, Version 2.0

For those unfamiliar with the blog award concept, it’s a fairly informal way of shouting: “Holla!” to bloggers whom you admire. Blog award etiquette seems to be: (a) acknowledging the person who nominated you, (b) sharing a few interesting tidbits about yourself (a “meme,” if you will), and (c) passing along the torch to some other blogs you might frequent.

First things first: a big “thank you” to Melissa, creator of the blog A Wag of a Tail, for bestowing this blog with the “Blog on Fire Award.”

And now, here are five factoids about moi:

– My younger brother, Eric, and I share the same birthday (November 28th) exactly one year apart. I like to joke that he was a natural-born party-crasher.

– My late father, Peter, was born and raised in Budapest. And although I was potty-trained in Hungarian, I otherwise don’t speak a word of the language.

– I am equal parts horrified and fascinated by the phenomenon of FB. Currently, I do not have a profile.

– I met my husband, Jeff, at a Perkins restaurant while still in high school. A full 10 years later, we started dating. ;-)

– I adore the Spanish language, and at one point was a fluent speaker. Now, I just smile and nod a lot whilst visiting Spanish-speaking countries.

Finally, for the “passing of the torch.” This part is difficult, because there are so many bloggers out there whom I admire. Nevertheless, I shall nominate (in no particular order) the following funny, thought-provoking, and inspiring blogs. Kudos, fellow bloggers! May you all have a swimming New Year!

My Meditation Challenge

Prego and the Loon

Stuff! Also Things!

You Monsters Are People

A Lifetime’s Exploration


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  2. Thank you so much Gina! Awww, I feel so incredibly honored :). I am so glad that my blog has been touching, I went into it not knowing what to expect, but it has been an absolute wonderful experience. :) Thank you, thank you! So how does this work, how do I nominate others (how do I get that fire picture lol), I’m still so new that I need to be enlightened on blogging instruction and etiquette….:)

    LOL, you had me cracking up with the “natural-born party-crasher” comment, brilliant joke–I have never heard you say that, is that what you told friends growing up? Haha….

    I’m a little jealous that I wasn’t potty-trained in Hungarian, but then again, I had an older sis and bro that I learned from :).

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